dat legs.


taylorswift hi Taylor!!

I just wanted to share the dress I’m going to prom in because it was inspired by the amazing and beautiful dress that you wore to the winter white gala! I hope you like it (I got blue because it’s my favourite colour and it matches my eyes (what are you talking about Emily she doesn’t want to know this)). I know I don’t look as amazing as you did in your dress but I just thought you’d like to see this and I just wanted to tell you how much of an amazing role model that you are for me :) LOVE YOU OMG!!! taylorswift taylorswiftand I know you probably won’t see this but I thought that I would try :):):):)

"The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one."
- Unknown (via psych-facts)

me: (thinks something mean)
me: dont be fucking rude

Taylor Swift at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards

❝Tonight I’m gonna dance, for all that we’ve been through. But I don’t wanna dance, if I’m not dancing with you.❞ ―Holy Ground.

❝I’m dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go❞ ―Shake It Off.


relationship goal: a relationship